Thursday, September 29, 2011

6 Problem Solving 2011

Gamers Scientific Problem Solving Blog

How did gamers use the computer game Foldit to solve the protein folding mystery? 

Somehow, the game allowed them to create a model of the AIDS virus.

Who can particpate in this problem solving and be a player in Foldit?
Anyone who can slove critical thinking skills.
What can critical thinking do for science?
It can allow scientists to see skills from people who can help them with the horrible problem of the STD AIDS.
If you could solve a mystery through gaming for any kind of disease or illness in the world, what would it be?

I would choose Cancer. I know that there are disease and illnesses like AIDS, Swine Flu, and all sorts of the horrible disease but if we can cure Cancer, then we can cure anything! I also got to know Cancer personally. My grandmother who was an angel, died because of the horrible Cancer. I don't want people to lose their loved ones, and people have lived for a good amount of time with AIDS and other horrible diseases, but not many people have Cancer live very long.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 Mini Game 2011


My mini game was not new to me but it seems to get me confused. But I would not say it was hard but it was confusing and I kept on misunderstanding the teacher but I know that it was not her fault so she says so, just joking! But i really enjoyed this process again. The best part was when , well the best part was nothing. If i had to choose the best part would be that i got to make a fresh start and learn the whole process again. The worst part was when i kept on getting confused.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

4- 9/11- 2011

9/11  10th Anniversary
I was four years old when the disaster on September 11th happened.  I was at a the tire shop with my dad and  we heard it on the news. I was in the Kindergarten and we watched a document on it and we were scared out of are minds. My teacher was very detailed with it. Well the whole thing was very sad and it really did not impact there lives. Well after that attacks the economy went down.  World wide and economy. I felt that it was very detailed and i don't think that anyone younger then 12 should play it. It has explosions and fire and guns I  don't think it is appropriate.  Its portraying that the awful event of September 11th.  Maybe before you can give a brief summary on the whole event and when something is about to happen pause it and explain.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

3 Single Story 2011

A Single Story

A single story is the place in the way all the others think it is like Africa. People think that it is a place where people live in huts in grasslands and no cars and are very and do not have a education like we do. But they really do people have houses and there are cities with buildings and hybrid cars. Well alot of people judge me cause im from the Eastside. That i live poor and drive broken down cars and hear gunshots and we are thugs. To be good . Like when people think about Mexicans they think that we are from the boarder and that we are illegal and all we do is immigrate drugs and do bad things. I do not learn all i have to do is walk in to a store and people stare and look at me cause of the way i act and the way my family act. By maybe asking my peers and asking my family and just looking up videos. By maybe giving info and then at the end of the game let them explain what they learned and how some people feel.