Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Huger Games Mini Game

I created this mini game about the hunger games and Peeta is the bread and Katniss is the arrow and there fighing over the key.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Notes 2/23/12

Yesterday we should have completed Intro and Team intro and the Audience and the Game play and we also completed the prev and next button in flash then the day before yesterday and then we had to create the learning Goal and then you have to complete the the fun factor and then we also had to complete the smart factor. We also have to complete the style factor and also the originality factor. We also have to save the flash as are team name and the type of scene it is. We should not have the same name as any other team. In the Style factor we should put the kind of colors and what we out in  there and the theme of it. All of are scenes will go together and copy and paste them in one big scene. And save  it in the skydrive and also save it in a flash drive.

Introduction- Completed
Team Intro- Completed
Audience- Completed
Ex: Talk about Middle School, Elementary, High School or even 9-15, Very specific about who?
Learing Goal - working
Fun Factor - working

smart factor - working

And i will complete the Style and Originality Factor today.

Monday, February 13, 2012


Nike has been accused of having a history of using sweatshop, a working environment considered by many people to be dangerous and difficult. Workers can be seen by materials, harmful situations, extreme temperatures, and abuse from employers. Sweatshop workers often work long days, sometimes exceeding 14 hours, and earn pay far below a poorness. people in developed countries compare the wages and the amount of labor of the workers in a Nike factories to developed world standards. They claim that Nike unethically takes advantage of these labor markets. Nike has denied this claim many times, and expressed that they do not have any control over the factories. However, Nike has to improve working environments This guy Michael more and he goes up to Phil night about the factories in Indonesia because of the sweat shop have you ever been the there and he is the owner and does nit realize it he evil can he maybe lower standards and he said he not in it for the money and he laughs about it. This guy goes to Malaysia and finds out that they get paid 1.25 an hour and they live in shacks.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Object In The Sky (Meteor)!!!!!!!!

What you could do is take the experience of the meteor and fabricate or exaggerate a little and say that when the meteor hit it was the size of Massachusetts, and then exaggerate even more and there was a huge food famine in Texas. So you take that information and put in your game by having several of survivors and they have to get the community back on there feet by finding food using bark and fish and finding shelter. My topic would focus on Pollution. I would teach good survival skills and pollution. The survivors would be dressed in camouflage and ready to hunt and save there community.He would see his community in need of help. My title would be Meteor Reachers.I would turn this real life event into a game by: Re-enacting the scene and having the player look for debris from the object and comparing it to Mars, space debris and meteors.The genre I would focus on would be science and adventure.

8. Draw a simple title screen in Flash of your game and embed it in the blog post. Remember you can use "Blogging Tips" in the Wiki to retrieved the embed code you will need.

I created this flash scene in flash with using keyframes.

Object In The Sky!!!!!!!!!!!

I created this flash scene in flash with using keyframes.