Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6th Six Weeks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In tech class this six weeks we learn about posting a video and pictures storys about what we learn.
We love to learn tech stuff but when I say we I mean the whole class we all like to learn things. To post a picture you have to find the picture that you want and you copy the url and then you go to blogger and you paste it then you go to post a picture and you pick where you want it and you post it. To post a video you go to you tube and pick your video and you copy the url and you go to blogger and paste it and thats all you do that is what I learn in technology class.

The Globoloria class is were people can express there feelings about a certain topic and make a game in to it.I like tech but it was a little tricky with the flash running very slow.At lease for me.I have learned that when you copy and to make sure that you get the right stuff.And only copy and paste for good reasons.If you copy and paste a code make sure to get all of the code and to make sure to get the right code.I had trouble with all of the assignments except the learning log.Like all of the assignments were hard to keep track of.But I manged to do it.And all of the copy and pasting and making the new layers.That was what tough for me.Some of the Ideas that we come up with. I was thinking that you could explain it more simple cause the stuff that you tech us is kind of too hard to understand it.

I think that flash is very fun and it is very challenging to me because when I have to put the
code there is always something that is wrong.The the codes ,and it really confuses me cause I don't know what is wrong with the code.What I learened in flash is that it is to hepl you with your game.I did not know anything when i first strated in flash. WE are trying to save the earth and all aroundthe world.I learned to get info when you need it.
My paper prototype was about population and it was about how a lemur
saves his home by going around the rainforest and saving the population
and saving the trees from getting cut down and saving there habitat from getting destroyed.I did not have fun cause my team mates did not listen that we neened to this and that.Yes i found very hard cause i was trying to explain something and they did not listen but it was my fault to.Yes i do it was hard but it did not pay off.I was fun but hard cause sometimes we did not coroperate.I like that we maed an awsome game and the thing that I did not like was that we did disagree sometimes.I think that we can do it if we can all agree on the same thing. The first level
is about the lemurs in the rain forest.The second levle is about a fish trying to save its home.The third level is about the polar bear it trying to stop the ice from melting.My teams progress is really starting to imprpove cause we all know each others weakness and there srongress so it hepls us all.