Monday, August 29, 2011

2 Cyberbully The Movie 2011

The Cyberbully Movie
The movie Cyberbully   is based on the the real life event and tradegy that happened to the lovely Megan Meirer. She was teased and picked on. So she killed herself. So this movie is based on that serious tradegy. The movie starts out the main charcter is very lame and mellow. Her birthday is here and she is turning 17 and she get a laptop.  So her friends show the new facebook '' Clicksters''. But she does not want to cause of her mother and it worries her. So when she gets the laptop she maked ones.  Her famliy sitiation is that her dad left the famliy. He never calls and the women that the dad is with is a 25 year old. So he left the famliy. The friendship start out great but then when a boy gets in the way of them it slowly breaks it apart. Her bestfreind is james. When the brother post a comment about her.  Everybody is calling her a SLUT.  When the boy gets in the way her best friend makes a fake faceook and teases her. So people write dirty comments about her. She and her freindship went away. Because they were leaving her but she was like what why are you leaving me. They thought it was her falut. So she just creies and tries to kill herslef.  If you are getting bullied first tell a trusted adult and get help.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

1 Cyberbully 2011

This is my first my first blog post of the 2011-2012 school year!

Cyberbullying- Safety Info!
What is a cyberbully?
A cyberbully is something and and anyone or anybody who harras you and makes fun of you and treats you bad on the internet.
What are the differnet types of cyberbullying?
What should you do if you are being cyberbullied?
Report it to a trusted adult and then the messages they send you save and print them. Or block the user.
What are some reasons pepole cyberbully others?
To  make them selfs feel better, or get a kick out of it, hatred, or a fight, or they have something they want.