Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Break

What I'm going to do for my Christmas break is go to my home town.In Gonzalez we are going to see all my family and we play board games that well be on Christmas day. But on Christmas eves we will go to grandmas. We usually stay there till Christmas then we go home stay home and open are present with are own family's.My grand parents have five children The first child is my Tia Steph then my mom they are Irish twins.Then my Tia Audrey then my Tio oppy that is his nickname his real name is Henry Pena and they all have last name.Then the last is mt Tia Brittany.My grandparents have 11 grandchildren and we play tag on are play scape that my grandparents have then we have dinner then we watch movies and then we sing songs and the last part is we open presents till mid night.That is it then we all go home.


part 1 one the first day of Christmas my true love came to me.

2favorite classes
3favorite teachers

4course classes



7homework sheets

8pretty girls

9ugly boys


11cute girls
12handsome boys

Friday, December 11, 2009


I like tech but it was a little tricky with the flash running very slow.At lease for me.I have learned that when you copy and to make sure that you get the right stuff.And only copy and paste for good reasons.If you copy and paste a code make sure to get all of the code and to make sure to get the right code.I had trouble with all of the assignments except the learning log.Like all of the assignments were hard to keep track of.But I manged to do it.And all of the copy and pasting and making the new layers.That was what tough for me.Some of the Ideas that we come up with. I was thinking that you could explain it more simple cause the stuff that you tech us is kind of too hard to understand

I think that we need to blog more and write more in this class.Some changes I would like to see is to have a little more minutes if free time like maybe five more minutes cause we have such a hard time in math we would like to see a little more free time if that is ok with you.Like in the questions that you give us maybe we should put it in are blog instead of are wiki cause wiki is a little bit tricky cause we have to copy and paste it is complected for me.

Some fun ideas are to let us to make are wiki more colorful cause they are kind of boring.Like we should put videos and more pictures that is what I would like to do.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Game

The TOROS game was really cool.We saw the cool cheerleaders and I'm not going to lie I kind of had a crush on one of the cheerleaders. She looked very hot and she was nice and she was smart cause you know that every man wants a smart girl and I'm pretty sure that it is the same as a girl with a smart man.The other thing that I like is the food.The food was good and it was hot not cold like are lunch food cause are lunch food is very cold the only thing that is hot at lunch is probably the milk that is the only thing that is hot.The other thing that i like at the fun game is the danced team dances. They were grooving and and having fun so if they have fun then i fun.Cause one of the other things that i did not like was the boy that kept on bothering me.Cause i was dancing and he said what you cant dance so i ignored that.Then when i was in the restroom he had told me that i cant danced so i told him as he walked out and told me to shut up so i got furious. So when I went to go sit down and he told me that i cant dance so i told that he was gay cause he was like follwing me then his parent or teacher told him to leave me alone so that was it and no more of the fight.The other thing that I liked was the relay races.But I think that is messed up caus every body picked that girl to win . I think that they could at least choose a boy to win.


The Columbus Riverdragons franchise from Columbus, Georgia was awarded to the city of Austin Texas in mid2005 and the new name was unveiled on August10 2005 The Toros began play during the 2005-2006 season. Their official colors were originally red, blue, and gold. The Toros name is currently the only NBA-associated team and first D-League team to possess a nickname of Spanish origin. Along with the Asheville Altitude and the Huntsville Flight sold to Southwest Basketball, LLC, the Columbus Riverdragons moved to Austin in 2005.
On Febraury 22 2005 head coach Dennis jonson died of an apparent heart attack after a workout with his players. After an interim coach guided the team for the rest of that season, Quin synder was named as the team's head coach for 2007-08. From wiki.