Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Healthy Project!

Notes 5/16/12

What do you think that the movie will be about?
What do you think the title indicates or implies about the film?

. Half of Americans are taking presciption drugs 
. 2.2 million dollars a year for health care 
. Every minute in the us a person is killed from heart disease
. 1 in 5 American a 4 year old child is obese
. 2006 are yearly take our diary had doubled
. Average american had about 24 extra pounds
. People were growing up in there home land they were eating healthy and the next generation would not follow that and then the next generation would even go beyond not eating right.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

" My Top 3 Choices"!

1. Forest Rats, Green Bugs, Arcos-3.
2. Tiger Savior, Tech Tigers,Arocs-4
3. Lake Trout Round Up, Valdez-4

Final Game (Help Me I'm A Drugged Up Teen) !