Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What I know in technology how to post a picture and a and a video on are
wiki and our blog.What I want to learn how to make a game and post it on
my wiki and maybe my blog. What else I want to learn is how to make a
video and then post it on my blog.Then how to take a picture from home
and then post it on my blog or on my wiki.I think im doing very well and
hopefully I have a hundred in technonlgy.I think that I have the most problm with
my learning log. The other thing is that I have troubles with is how to coroperate
with my team mates , cause they always talk and it is hard cause they dont listen.
The things that frustate me is that my team mates always come up with the crazest
ideas. I think i could go to the power hour to learn more.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Action Adventure

1The first action adventure game was inventied in 1979.

2The second fact is the game was called Atari adventure

3The third fact the guy who made this game was Warren Robinett

4The forth fact was they were featured in Wired Magazine, The New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle

5the fifth fact was The market for visual novels outside of Japan, however, was nearly non-existent prior to the success of the Nintendo DS, for which several Japanese visual novels were released in the west.

Most games fall within a particular category. Some different gaming styles and, could appear under more than one category . And others new approaches to electronic entertainment. Those often fall outside of any genre. If such a title becomes popular enough that others try to do the same experience, a new genre comes into being.

Adventure games were some of the earliest games created, beginning with the Colossal Cave Adventure in the 1970s.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Southwest Key Programs is a national nonprofit organization providing transformative education, innovative safe shelters and alternatives to incarceration impacting over 6,000 youth each day, while creating opportunities for their families to become self-sufficient. We employ a creative and diverse workforce of over 1,000 dedicated staff in 6 states. Southwest Key was recently ranked #4 among the Top 25 Hispanic Nonprofits in America by Hispanic Business Magazine in May 2009.

Our national headquarters is located at the East Austin Community Development Center in Austin, Texas, home to Southwest Key's innovative charter middle school, the East Austin College Prep Academy, along with a number of social enterprises designed to increase the educational attainment and employability of residents.

Friday, October 2, 2009

tech class short summary

This is steven.What i learned in class is that i
know how to make a gmail and a wiki
and is that put pictures on peoples
gmail. I want to learn how to make a
game and to decirate the blogs.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Suba diver

My game was a very cool fun game.The name of the game is suba diver it was under
the casual games but i think it should have gone in the soccial games.The purpose
of the game was to teach you hand i cordanation thats why i think it should belong
on the social games.This game lookes good but it needs more imporvment.

The game from my point of view was that it was a fun game but it needs improvment
on the illistrations because it did not look professanail but the game was awsome.