Monday, May 23, 2011



What is your team name? PollutionPatrols

What is the name of your game? A World Changed

What is it about? It is about the three major pollutins like air water and ground and we want to people to know how much a piece of paper or soda can , can do to are home plannet earth.
What scenes have you completed? We have done all of are scenes but it not that much playable.

What parts of your team page are completed? Are team page completely completed we have awnsered all of the question.

How much more work do you need to complete? We need to complete alot of things such as the codes and all of the animations.

What can you do from now until Friday to get everything finshed and turned in?  Alot of things like the codes and animations.

What grade would you give yourself in Globaloria overall? 85

What are all of the things you have learned this year? The different codes and how to trace last year we were brought up of this. So we learned alot just like six graders.

What are you proud of in Globaloria? ME AND MY TEAM AND TEACHER!