Thursday, October 17, 2013

Game In The Game Gallery

Game # 1

Animals And Habitats

2. The learning goal of this wonderful game is to be able to lean about different animal species and where they live , what they eat , and closet human civilization that is mostly common of having that specific animal in the civilization. 
3.  Yes it was very fun but I think that they needed to demonstrate more physical interactions instead of just explaining.
4. Yes the game did a very good job of explaining the game topic for the simple fact they did put alot of good needed information that made the game real easy to understand the concept.

Game # 2

Help Me I'm A Drugged Up Teen

2. The leaning goal of this most awesome game was to learn the difference a good influence and a bad one, it also teaches a game about different signs that you can recognize to know if a kid id suffering a drug or alcohol addiction.
3. Yes it was very fun but I think that the maker if the game could have not done a better job , this game was just great. 
 4. Yes it was very fun but I think that the maker if the game could have not done a better job , this game was just great. 

Game # 3 

Choose foods wisely

2. The learining goal is about the importance of living a healthy life.

3. Yes it was nice but they could elaberate more on the importance if a living a healthy lifestyle.

4. es the game did a very good job of explaining the game topic for the simple fact they did put alot of good needed information that made the game real easy to understand the concept.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Kids Science Challenge

The Title of the game that I was playing and also enjoying was called Pollution Blasters , It teached me to not pollute and to try  and stop it and its uses a fun game type of way to  learn that in different atmospheres pollution can occur and there are ways to stop it in every way possible. Yes I thought that it did a very good job and good lessin and skill to teach.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Recycling Stuff

In the video I saw how alot of different thing ere getting recycled that I no idea that they were using the different materials to recycle. For instince the kids were talking how that they wanted to start a group after school to spread the word to start recycling and I thought that was such good idea. They were talking about how they can recycle different things around there house and  school, so they started off by explaining that they can bring water bottles and get a lunch box instead of using the paper bags. They were also talking how each different types of materials were getting recycled and how they come when they are done bieng recycled. We can also start a group here at our school and get the community involved.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tech Trash


What is Tech Trash?
Its an area where they have electronics that are thrown away or discarded that have mostly been
used once and then thrown away!

How does this trash negatively affect the environment?
Because its more trash that is affecting the environment negatively and as we are trying to build the environment up again. Its also making the the pollution rate go up and up.

What does the article explain about people looking for solutions to Tech Trash?
They are saying that people are looking and donate other electronics to school and give it to charity.

What can you do to help keep Tech Trash from polluting our community?
We can also do the same and donate the electronics that are old and recycle the items.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Final Blog!

This year (2012-2013) its been 4th year participating in my favorite subject, Globaloria. This year its been a real and awesome year in Globaloria, Ive had the opportunity to visit the capital and go and show off my game in progress at SXSW a Austin music , gaming and digital learning festival. I also had a amazing teacher to go along with the class. She has helped me with other things beside codeing and flash design she has been a mentor, although I'm in advanced Globaloria and I did not really need the assistance from her but she was always there when I needed her. I liked having some of my bestfriends in the class and getting to share ideas with each other.I have come along way by creating so many educational and fun games for the world to see. Here are some of my work that I completed over the year. 1.

Your Choice!

Monday, May 20, 2013

The daily grind: 5-20-13

Posted by Brad Johnson at 5:35am

The Daily Grind provides daily match-up advice for tinkerers and daily fantasy players. I welcome advice to help make this column more effective, including notice of impending weather events, new injuries, and changes to platoon situations. Ownership rates are from Yahoo!

The daily picks are a mixture of Daily League specific advice and information for the more typical fantasy owner.

Today's grind

Pitcher (to start)Scott Kazmir is currently posting some of the best peripherals of his career. The only blemish is an extremely elevated HR/FB ratio: 21.2 percent of fly balls have left the yard.

Jake Odorizzi will make his first start as a Ray today. He was posting solid numbers in Triple-A, including a strikeout rate above nine per nine innings and a walk rate around three per nine. He may be in the rotation for only a few starts whileDavid Price is out.

In terms of expectations, Odorizzi will probably provide top waiver quality output—something like eight K/9, four BB/9, a 4.00 ERA and 1.25 WHIP. His ownership could shoot up quickly since he's a prospect.

I saw Jeremy Guthrie was facing the Astros today and then I saw he's owned in 61 percent of leagues. I hope about 40 of that 61 percent picked him up as a stream starter, but I know better. Tsk tsk.

Pitcher (bum): There are a couple epic exploits in play for today.

Zach Duke versus Ryan Vogelsong promises fireworks aplenty.

Josh Lindblomt—a relievert—is starting against the A's today. 

Alex Sanabia tends to bend but not break. He's a good bet to allow four runs on five innings.

Shaun Marcum is coming off his best outing and could be in the process of turning the corner. I'm going to continue betting against him for the time being.

The Yankees should enjoy a reunion with Freddy Garcia.

Hitter (power)Travis Hafner has dropped off his epic pace, but you can try him out against Garcia.

Domonic Brown is a solid play against Sanabia.

Play the Seth Smith and Brandon Moss train today, although they'll face a mix of righties and lefties.

Hitter (speed):
Eric Young Jr. will start against lefty Patrick Corbin. You may also want to try Gerardo Parra against Jon Garland.

Tomorrow's grind

Pitcher (to start)Matt Garza is 59 percent owned, but in the leagues where he is not owned, this may be your one shot to scoop him up.

Jose Fernandez barely qualifies for a recommendation at 48 percent owned. He's done well against the Phillies in two outings and they may be without Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz.

Pitcher (bum)
Go ahead and stack Angels against Aaron Harang.

The Cardinals will face erratic righty Edinson Volquez.

Tyler Cloyd has been roughed up by Triple-A lineups worse than the Marlins all season. For daily league owners, this might be a rare opportunity to lean on the Marlins offense for cheap points.

Mike Pelfrey's looking pretty ugly this year. The Braves aren't likely to go hungry tomorrow.

Hitter (power)
Juan Francisco will bring his hard swing against Pelfrey.

Dan Straily has struggled with command, making him a solid match-up for David Murphy.

Jonny Gomes will get to face another non-elite lefty in Jose Quintana.

Did you know that "the Royals are 5-0 when Wade Davis allows four runs or fewer but 0-3 when he does not." Thanks Now try Carlos Pena against him. 

Hitter (speed)
Kelly Johnson has a good match-up against Ramon Ortiz.

You can hang onto Parra for his start against Jhoulys Chacin

Noteworthy news

Johnny Cueto is back in action today.

Jurickson Profar has been recalled and will start at second base while Ian Kinsler recovers from bruised ribs. It will likely be a short stint on the disabled list, so don't cut a key contributor for Profar. Yahoo surprisingly gave him only UTIL eligibility. 

Garza will make his first start of the season tomorrow.

Weather watch

Games in Baltimore and Chicago may see isolated storms today, but the weather seems manageable otherwise. 

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Imagine Team Game

Who: I design this game for all ages above 10 and they need to 

know the difference between healthy and non Healthy and they 

will learn that playing my game.

What:The difference between the healthy and non healthy foods and what are good eating habits and to choose and chicken sandwich over a fatty burger.  

Where: It will take place most likely your body and also your refrigerator. It will have the the food options and it will have bad or good and it is up to you to make the right decisions and it will show your progress in your body.

How: The difference between the healthy and non healthy foods and what are good eating habits and to choose and chicken sandwich over a fatty burger. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Choosing A Learning Topic

The topic that my team is going to focus on is: On how it is hard  to change your eating habits and the  hardships you have to go through to change!

We want the player to learn: The difference between the healthy and non healthy foods and what are good eating habits and to choose and chicken sandwich over a fatty burger. 
My teammates are: Me Myself and I!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Play Station 4 2013

 The Sony Play Station 4 specs that we currently know and have been informed  by Sony, reveal the new PlayStation 4 will come with a PlayStation 4 Eye camera in the box, and the PS4 console will be able to connect to smart phones and tablets as a secondary screen, and used whilst playing showing maps and game information as you play. As well as allowing you to communicate with other players and make purchases from the PlayStation Store. It is confirmed to be a 8GB and you can also play games and download new things on there at the same time. 
Credits go to Geeky Gadgets 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Black History Month 2

This is a game that I designed to celebrate the life of Gabby Douglas. This person is an important part of history because she is the first African American to win all around.To play the game you must Simpley play the game and just have pride in her.