Thursday, March 25, 2010

How I felt About Flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The things that come hard to me in programming in flash it not putting in the codes it is the drawing and the layers and also dealing with the timeline. That is so hard,cause you have to be very percice,cause you have to be on the egzact same number on the timeline.Its small it is hard for me to see some times so that is what messes me up alot . I also love to work in flash those things are my weaknesses in flash.Well we are only kids so it kind messes us up when they use big word or epect us to do what they say without telling us.So feel maybe they can break it down a noch and use more wods to where we can understand.Im asking for minor changes not big changes.I think that it is important to remember the steps to coding in flash cause this will help us with are game big time.So what we can do to help us remember the stepto coding is mahybe make a song or do some jestures to remind us the steps.I do feel that flash is hard in some ways but not everything is.I think the thing thst I will do to make sure to get tranning is I will sign up for any flash classes in high school or in collage If they have them.I will not give up to know more about flash.When I get older I would like for other kids or maybe adults to ask me how to do flash and then I would know so I will not give up on flash.That does not mean I want to be a flash expert when I grow up. I just want to learn flash.There many distactions in the class.But I do think that does effect how I learn in flash cause the teacher has to stop the entire class just for one pearson who is not on task.For example when a student is acting up and the teacher is talking she will forget what she was going to say so we dont get to know what she was going to tell us that day that she was interupted.So it does distact me sometimes.How they can stop this is to emedeetly take them out no more chances forn them.And I did sayv yed and I just explained to you why I chose yes.So we can definaly change this it is not inpossible.I do not feel that they help us cause we are just watching them we are not actualy doing the assignment.And they dont really explain sometimes they miss a step.Well we can do more assignment on flash instead on the on the wiki and more in flash.Yes it will help me. Cause one day people will ask for my help.Flash The precursor to the Flash application was SmartSketch. So that is it.