Monday, January 30, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Game/Flash Reminders

1)Place everything on it's own layer.
2)Place corresponding layers in the same folder.
3)Label layers and folders.
4)You must assign Instance names to all symbols.
5)Upload ALL work to the Wiki whether it is done or not.
6)Export work before uploading!


Monday, January 9, 2012


I learn how to work in Flash and how to create animations. It also teaches us about Game Design and how to look for things in games pertaining topic and graphics. Skills I have learned in Globaloria.
1) How to use Flash.
2) How to properly use a computer.
3) How to plan out a game.
4) How to use codes off of the Wiki.
5) How to present a game.
I could use the skill of learning to type correctly, presenting ideas, and planning out projects ahead of time and then taking the time to follow through with them.Means adding extras that weren't there before like, awarding badges, adding a point system and even adding a highscore pageIs what the game hangs on. Is the skeleton of the game. Also encompasses all aspects of the original game idea.
I did not finish last two question.

Top Ten Goals

10 Goals 
1: Pass all the STARR tests ! 
2: Have no referrals ! 
3: Pay attention in social studies class . ! 
4: Get no tiger tracks ! . 
5: Behave in spanish class ! 
6: Get staright A's ! 
7: Not be tardy to classes ! 
8: Turn in all my assigments ! 
9: Get perfect attendance . ! 
10: Be respectful to teachers . !