Monday, April 26, 2010


The Globoloria class is were people can express there feelings about a certain topic and make a game in to it.I like tech but it was a little tricky with the flash running very slow.At lease for me.I have learned that when you copy and to make sure that you get the right stuff.And only copy and paste for good reasons.If you copy and paste a code make sure to get all of the code and to make sure to get the right code.I had trouble with all of the assignments except the learning log.Like all of the assignments were hard to keep track of.But I manged to do it.And all of the copy and pasting and making the new layers.That was what tough for me.Some of the Ideas that we come up with. I was thinking that you could explain it more simple cause the stuff that you tech us is kind of too hard to understand it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Adding navigation is hard and it is kind of dumb because why cant we just use the other game webing.And it is hard cause it is too much for 6th graders
cause we bareley know are way around a computer and they want us to work in flash and that is more advanced.I do not like it caus eit is hard and the teacher kind of goes.The defination for flash is a game deising for globlaoria.It stress me out cause i have other home work for other classes and i think about flash and it stresses me out.
The things that come hard to me in programming in flash it not putting in the codes it is the drawing and the layers and also dealing with the timeline. That is so hard,cause you have to be very percice,cause you have to be on the egzact same number on the timeline.Its small it is hard for me to see some times so that is what messes me up alot . I also love to work in flash those things are my weaknesses in flash.Well we are only kids so it kind messes us up.
I like tech but it was a little tricky with the flash running very slow.