Monday, September 30, 2013

Kids Science Challenge

The Title of the game that I was playing and also enjoying was called Pollution Blasters , It teached me to not pollute and to try  and stop it and its uses a fun game type of way to  learn that in different atmospheres pollution can occur and there are ways to stop it in every way possible. Yes I thought that it did a very good job and good lessin and skill to teach.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Recycling Stuff

In the video I saw how alot of different thing ere getting recycled that I no idea that they were using the different materials to recycle. For instince the kids were talking how that they wanted to start a group after school to spread the word to start recycling and I thought that was such good idea. They were talking about how they can recycle different things around there house and  school, so they started off by explaining that they can bring water bottles and get a lunch box instead of using the paper bags. They were also talking how each different types of materials were getting recycled and how they come when they are done bieng recycled. We can also start a group here at our school and get the community involved.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tech Trash


What is Tech Trash?
Its an area where they have electronics that are thrown away or discarded that have mostly been
used once and then thrown away!

How does this trash negatively affect the environment?
Because its more trash that is affecting the environment negatively and as we are trying to build the environment up again. Its also making the the pollution rate go up and up.

What does the article explain about people looking for solutions to Tech Trash?
They are saying that people are looking and donate other electronics to school and give it to charity.

What can you do to help keep Tech Trash from polluting our community?
We can also do the same and donate the electronics that are old and recycle the items.