Tuesday, November 30, 2010

StevenU 14 2016

I retrived thia pic from Google.com
An interestng thing was when he was painting the town with one color and one stroke. I like the color scheme. I like the music it was really interesting. The way that it is so 3D and I thought that was really cool. I like the color and the way was spalshing all over the place. I like the noises that he was making it was like he was wimpering. I like that the way the wizzard did not sya anything and when he was painting the town with different colors.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Steven U 13 pt2 2010

Part 5
The Lake Guri is a large lake in Venezuela on the Caroni River. It is one of the largest dams in the world. Its official name is Central Hidroelectrica Simon Bolivar previously named Central Hidroelectrica Raul Leoni from 1978 to 2000. It is 1300 meters long and 162 meters high. Construction began in 1963 the first part concluded in 1978 and the second in 1986. Before the flood the whole entire land was a bunch of trees and plants. The forest is disappearing because of the predators and the people destroying them. In the forest there were a bunch of animals. Like a money that was called a shouter monkey. They were kings of the top of the trees. From one island to another island there are a group of people that are searching for more predators that might hurt them. The shouter monkeys are so packed together because there are not so many trees where they live in the forest. When Bob saw that the lake was being messed up he tried to fix up the lake himself.
The Jamaica reefs There are a number of biotic reef types, including oyster reefs, but the most massive and widely distributed are tropical coral reefs. Although corals are major contributors to the framework and bulk material comprising a coral reef, the organisms most responsible for reef growth against the constant assault from ocean waves are calcareous algae, especially, although not entirely, species of coralline algae.
These biotic reef types take on additional names depending upon how the reef lies in relation to the land, if any. Reef types include fringing reef, barrier reefs, as well as atolls. A fringing reef is a reef that is attached to an island. A barrier reef forms a calcareous barrier around an island resulting in a lagoon between the shore Land the reef. An atoll is a ring reef with no land present. The reef front ocean side is a high energy locale whereas the internal lagoon will be at a lower energy with fine grained sediments. There is a celebration that they celebrate cause of the fish and predators stake where asking can we live without them but we were asking can we live with them .
Part 6
Animals are have weired activity and some species are appearing out of no where.21st century scientist are trying to figure out what kind of chemical is making this happen. Researchers are wondering these strange things. biologist is searching a marsh that is underscored animals
investigators are trying to figure out what is going on this is happening around the world. The last decade trying to clean it up . 20 frog species are declining since the last ten years. The frogs that are from the Atrizine are mostly hermaphrodites. When the frog is made in a Atrizine it makes the male frog grow female body parts. It starts to develop ovary's and some eggs. This is about mostly a Leopard Frog.Once abundant in North America, their population has declined in recent years because of pollution and deforestation. Because of their heightened sensitivity to chemical pollutants found in the air and water, and they are commonly used as dissection specimens in biology classrooms. They were subject of some pioneering studies in evolutionary biology in the 20Th century, and continue to be of much interest to various disciplines of biology. Another scientist are studding the Beluga Whale. The whales travel in packs. Some thing a s scientist put a cell so that it can test there blood. The water is being contaminated. They think that it is the cancer that is being formed in the water. The river might be absorbed in there it in there skin or since its water what they eat it could have that. A lady is researching why the pollution is making the fish become more and more sick and they die. The water is contaminated with a chemical named mercury. It is the part of fish is by far the most source of the related mercury exposure in humans and animals, although plants and livestock also contain mercury of mercury from soil, water and atmosphere, and by injecting other mercury-containing organisms. Exposure to mercury can occur from breathing contaminated air; from eating foods containing mercury residues from processing, such as can occur with high-fructose corn syrup from exposure to mercury vapor in mercury amalgam dental restorations and from improper use or disposal of mercury and mercury-containing objects, for example, after spills of elemental mercury or improper disposal of fluorescent lamps. The whale and dolphin meat .Human generated sources such as coal plants emit approximately half of atmospheric mercury with natural sources such as volcanoes responsible for the remainder. An estimated two-thirds of human-generated mercury comes from stationary combustion, mostly of coal. Other important human-generated sources include gold production, non-ferrous metal production, cement production, waste disposal, human crematoria, caustic soda production, pig iron and steel production, mercury production mostly for batteries and burning. Small lonely gold mining operation workers are at higher risk of mercury poisoning because of crude processing methods. Such is the danger and similar workers known in neighboring in countries. While there are no official government estimates of the labor force, observers believe twenty thousand to fifty thousand work as chemicals . Mercury and its compounds are commonly used in chemical laboratories, hospitals, dental clinics, and facilities involved in the production of items such as fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, and explosives. 90 percent of the fish are contaminated that lake which is contaminated. Mercury is from the gas stations and the pollution form the cars and other motors from the gas pipes. From the bottom of the food chain is the one that is the most contaminated. They also look for plants to help this situation become better so that the fish will not die. Much of this water is from unknown ways. The great barriers dying is due to the fact that we are polluting the water and that is called water pollution. In the open ocean are dying caus of the pollution and the chemiclas. Killer whaales and sharks have pollution in there tissues.
They dont know what kind of chemicla is in the Molamola . The tags are reveling that they are being contaminated. They still are concluding all the caculations. 2BC.

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Steven. U . 13 2010

''Strange Days on Planet Earth''
People are finding for plants and animals in places were they are not supposed to be at. Researchers are looking for rapid inseminates. Aliens are doing damage to are earth. Researchers say that they have hidden right under neath the earth. Some scientist go up and look for them over years they have found anonymous things. The creatures always restless with what it takes. Living things test boundaries .We are ahead pf noticing what is happening. The aliens have started to be on transports. We might be pushing are luck with what we do ,we spit a new species. Aliens have spreaded and destroying property in other places. The termites in New Orleans have been sneaky and laying low for a couple of years since 1960. The alligator attacks in the USA have increased. Lake Victoria in Africa is the most polluted in Africa . A scientist studys Lake Victoria for 10 years.You can also get a diasese from drinking bad muddy water. In 1992 the hydriantes got all dirty and flows in lake victoria.
Part 2
This part is about the animals and the poppulation is going down and how when the water is going bad and one animal gets sick then then alll the animals die or starve. Pepople were saying that weevlies are a joke but they are not they are destroying are planet. Hawwi is one of the most placec were the invasions are. But the public does not knowMarine organisms need very specific conditions in order to survive in their environment. When the temperature changed even a little the entire ecosystem could be drastically affected. Take the case of coral reefs in the Hawwi . Just the slightest temperature increase could act as a stressor on the corals themselves as well as the organisms that inhabit the reef. This fragile ecosystem could crumble in a very short time. The alien plant populations also extend for considerable distances inland in regions with enough moisture to support suitable weather. A scientist goes to where the plant is located and he test the plant. He is going to test the reflection in the light. This little plant is killing are forest. The nice plants is replaced cripple leaf monster called macomia. It is contained on the island the people are reaserching on the island. A group in South Africa have been studying the creature. If we canchange are ways the everything in the world can travle. Are thing is we are trying to figure out what will happen next.
Part 3
2001 scientist have tested the Earths atmoshere by burning wood and makeing a conculosion. It raised earth atmoshere by doing what we do. In 1997 there were a lot of caribus but now they are stugaling to survive it is hard for them. The atmosphere is and tempurture is increaseing and that might be a problem.